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Jodie Marsh: Bullied- Episode 1

April 5, 2013

Readers, my Twitter timeline was on fire tonight because of Jodie Marsh: Bullied.

I wasn’t going to write about it, but I am watching as I type. I am struck and touched by the story of Sawyer. Bullies punched this young boy so hard that he has been left paralysed and needing to use a wheelchair.

Readers, we can never let something like this happen here in the UK. That’s why I fully support Jodie Marsh in her efforts to get US anti-bullying techniques introduced in the UK.

Let me just add that as a disabled child in a mainstream school, I personally experienced my fair share of unpleasant comments and even some bullying for lunch money. Luckily, no one at school ever harmed me physically, and my teachers, when told, were very supportive.

Bullying affects all children, but for disabled children, the social side of life in mainstream schools is more likely to be particularly unpleasant.

All children go to school to learn and all children have every right to feel completely safe while doing so. We should all do all we can to make sure this happens in every school everywhere.



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