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Pension Credit And ESA

April 13, 2015

With many thanks to Fightback:

Pension Credit:

Did you know if you claim ESA and and are close to retirement age you may be able to claim Pension Credit instead, even if you are claiming as a couple and one of you is older and eligible, both of you may be are entitled to pension credit couples rate, even if you are much younger than your partner.

Many people do not claim as they receive a small private pension etc, but may be entitled to it, as a basic rule if your income is less than about £150 a week then it may be topped up with Guaranteed Pension Credit. If you get even 1p of Pension credit you will open other doors and may even get Housing Benefit and other discounts. If your income is more than £150 then you may get some Savings Pension Credit. You may also be able to claim Attendance Allowance (which is basically DLA for pensioners which covers just the care element,) and this will add premiums onto how much you are deemed to need. If you are already getting DLA or get AA th3n it will increase the £150 cap to just over £200. so if your income is then less than £200 again it will be topped up.

The Pension Credit helpline is very good and you can check your eligibility on the tracker page.

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