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Tommi Miller Has Died Aged 8- And John Terry Is Paying For His Funeral

April 12, 2016

I’m very sad to have just read that Tommi Miller died last month aged 8. John Terry reportedly met him last year, and is paying for his funeral.

Footballer John Terry has paid for the funeral of an eight-year-old Chelsea fan, who recently died from leukaemia.

The former England captain donated £1,600 to the family of Tommi Miller, who he met last year.

He told the Cambridge News he was “totally devastated” to hear he had died.

Tommi’s mother Ruth Miller said she was “overwhelmed” by the gesture and is also planning to buy a “special headstone” with the money.

She said the family, who live in Thorpe Way, Cambridge, were “very proud” the footballer remembered him.


“When we visited the stadium, you could tell John Terry was really taken by him and his cheekiness but it was still a shock when we heard.

“Tommi obviously made a big impression on him and he was one of his favourite players so it’s very special to us,” she said.

Tommi, who was diagnosed with leukaemia aged three, died last month after an unsuccessful attempt was made to carry out a bone marrow transplant.

A family friend contacted Terry on Instagram to ask if he would like to contribute to the costs and he replied saying he would “love to help.”

When he was told it was £1,600, Terry phoned up the funeral director to arrange the payment.

He said it was a “pleasure” to meet the youngster, adding: “I’m sure his family and friends will give him the send off he deserves.”

The funeral will take place on Thursday, with those attending wearing either Chelsea shirts or the Cambridge United strip.

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