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March 26, 2023

my certificate that I was Eve three years ago for taking part in the rumble award which is award for people with learning disability. I enjoy taking part in this and I even got a voucher call Maya but I was proud of this and it’s a lovely memory, something like that, even in lockdown . 🤓🤓

call Beth group, call Jade like her and then we were judged or no participation and willingness to participate, participate everybody’s abilities and whatever level we were working out we just had to participation, there was lots of other services that took part in the daylight was one of them and Paula spoke to Lesley, and also Grandad and Richaris taller sometimes when I am not studying as a porter and student answering lots of volunteering, but I was involved in this project and I think it service user was represented in a positive way, because it shows the community of property are able, but we have value and we can contribute effectively and meaningfully to all society in the community around. Also with RumbledAwards #PictureOfMeWhenIWonItWithMyCertificateAndMyVoucher #CommunityParticipationHasTaxiStartedLearningDisability #MobilityIssues I enjoy this because it work during the end of lockdown as we would be award ceremony over the room, so I still present at the event, but just to the right of the modern way. Thanks donate to my darling. If you appreciate this post to show your appreciation for me if you can link down below to my crowdfunding, thank you telephone and Mr Pritchard to facilitate it from the Rams in the ward and does that mean it’s a great click on the link to donate my respite care and the UV support. Thank you? To make sure that we could all participate and appreciate the

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