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Old Is Gold Campaign

After the discovery that Richard III had scoliosis in September 2012, I decided to set up a campaign to get disability links taught in secondary school history lessons.

Strong Evidence That Richard III’s Body Found- With Scoliosis

Campaign Facebook Page

Government E-Petition For Campaign

Campaign Article In The Guardian

Franklin D Roosevelt Was In A Wheelchair?

Stephen Hopkins, A Signer Of American Declaration Of Independence, Had Cerebral Palsy?

The Seven Dwarfs Of Auschwitz: The Documentary

The Seven Dwarfs Of Auschwitz: The Book

Did King George III Have Bipolar Disorder?

The campaign petition closed in September 2013 with 106 signatures. The Facebook page remains open for general discussion of the issues raised by the campaign.

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  1. mark taha permalink
    October 8, 2016 12:02 pm

    Richard the “Crookback” written of for centuries. FDR’s being in a wheelchair also well known. But was it relevant to the way they did their jobs?


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