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Guest Bloggers

Caroline Ellis writes for OurKingdom, which is part of openDemocracy.

“Rumbold” is a regular contributor to Pickled Politics. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a blog of his own yet, because he says that he prefers their ‘comfy nest.’

Ala Abbas usually blogs at Between East And West. She is also a regular contributor to Pickled Politics.

‘Unity’ usually submits his essays to either Liberal Conspiracy or his own blog, Ministry of Truth.

‘Letters From A Tory’ is a Tory who uses his blog of the same name to write letters to all kinds of people. He is a regular contributor to the comments at Liberal Conspiracy.

Paul Burgin blogs about mainstream politics at Mars Hill.

‘Ampersand’ writes for Alas! A Blog.

Tony Holden blogs at Cynical Chatter From The Underworld. He also runs the UK Disabled Bloggers group blog.

Rod Duncan is an author who blogs at Author Intrusion about writing, creativity and the (dyslexic) brain. His website can be found here.

Charley Hasted- Coming Soon.

Stacey Riley blogs at Kingdom of Inner Secrets. Stacey  has interests in education, technology, ICT, English and creative writing, politics, and disability. She has worked as a tutor in the FE sector and has had Cerebral Palsy from birth.

Kristina Ridley lives in the USA and blogs at Diabetes Meters, a personal blog which aims to help people understand early diabetes symptoms, focusing on healthy eating tips and advice on measuring blood glucose levels at home.

Chelle Johnson is a writer and journalist in the UK. She studied English Literature at Brunel University and has gone on to write for several publications and work with unique individuals. In 2008 Chelle was commissioned by the University of Hertfordshire Press to sub-edit Our Forgotten Years, a biography by British Romany Maggie Smith-Bendell, which was celebrated in reviews. As well as writing, literature and music, Chelle is very interested in fundraising and charity work. Chelle blogs at Chelle Johnson about her work as a writer and anything else she might find interesting.

Elizabeth Owen tweets @LizzieFrodo.

Sarah Milne is an author and freelance writer with real life, health and lifestyle features published in publications such as Yours, Woman Alive and Bella. Sarah has contributed to several independent and BBC radio stations as well as regional TV news programmes.  Much of Sarah’s work is influenced by her life as a single mother of three children, including William who is a small bowel transplant recipient. She is currently finishing her first novel ‘Something Precious Inside’, based on her experiences during William’s sickness and transplant. Along side her own writing, Sarah has run high profile and successful PR and media campaigns. Sarah is also a photographer, specialising in portraiture and documentary photography.

Phil Evans blogs at My Autistic Life. He is currently a University student and a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Victoria Taylor is originally from Warrington, England, but now lives in South West
Wales with her husband and two children. In 2003, her husband was diagnosed with a rare incurable brain condition called intracranial hypertension (IH). By 2004, her husband had to retire from a successful teaching career, and Victoria gave up her job to become his carer.

Victoria is also an Author and has recently published her first book, Caitlin’s
Written originally to help her daughter Adele-Caitlin come to terms with her dad’s disability, it’s been published in the hope that it will help others. 25% of the royalties are going to Crossroads Care ( and the IH Research Foundation (

Victoria is very involved in the IH Awareness Campaign, raising awareness about the condition in the hope that IH sufferers will be treated with the compassion they deserve.
For more information about Caitlin’s Wish please go to

Arron Brown is a writer/editor for St John’s Catholic School based in the UK. Over recent months he has written numerous articles on hearing impairment and particular disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Autism. His aim is to raise public awareness of these disabilities, and to allow people to understand the disabilities much better. For more information on St John’s School please visit

Emma Crees blogs brilliantly about writing, reading, language and disability at her personal blog, A Writer In A Wheelchair.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Gowrings Mobility is the UK’s longest established and leading company producing and supplying wheelchair accessible vehicles. We design, manufacture and market a wide range of vehicles that have been extensively converted to allow wheelchair users to travel in their wheelchairs as passengers. We set the standards. The company invented the original ‘wheelchair passenger vehicle’ and was the first supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles to Motability. 40 years on, Gowrings Mobility is a highly successful business and is renowned for its customer service, quality products and professionalism.

Daniel Frank is a Marketing Executive at Giveacar Ltd.

Matthew Smith blogs here as Indigo Jo.

Martyn Sibley campaigns, writes and blogs brilliantly on all things disability. Full details here.

Nadia Jones blogs at online college about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at

Jane Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. She writes about criminal background check for Questions and comments can be sent to:

Chris Gawne is a partner  in Clinical Negligence at the solicitor firm Pannone LLP based in Manchester.

Miles Schmidt is a writer who works for Chartwell Insurance Services, a company that specializes in high quality, specialist cover for mobility customers and disabled drivers. Chartwell Motability Insurance cover includes adapted vehicles, mobility scooter insurance, motorised wheelchairs and much more.

Andrew Bradford is the son of two disabled parents and the author of Live Eels And Grand Pianos, the story of his parents’ lives.

Keir McCarton is a new author and has written for various websites. He has ‘CMT’ and has written his first article about the topic here at Same Difference. Follow his tweets @keir_.

Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing business internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to:  katecroston.croston09 @

John Hargrave runs I Am Able, a disability awareness programme for schools in Leicester. He comments regularly at Same Difference.

When Nisha wrote for Same Difference, she worked at MHA – a charity providing care and support services for older people in Britain, with care homes in Stockport, Southampton, Glasgow, Leeds and many other locations.

Susan Gorgalini- Coming Soon.

John O’Connor blogs here.

Penny Pepper is a writer, poet and performer with a website, a Twitter account and a disability.

Jag Ture  has been writing about ways to improve business efficiency for over five years. Her marketing and business development background has helped her write informative articles about the latest information technology that can help make a real difference to the way some businesses perform.

Jason Tucker

Joseph Hill writes on behalf of Pannone Personal Injury documenting research into disability and assistive technology.

Victoria Wright is a writer, actress and charity worker based in London. She starred in the Channel 4 drama series Cast Offs and won the Creative Diversity Network award for Best Onscreen Performance in 2010. She featured in the Channel 4 documentary Diverse Nation in 2011 celebrating the best diverse talent in TV and has written for the Independent, the Guardian, the Times and Disability Now.

Geeknproud is a PhD student in physics at the university of Cambridge who has cerebral palsy. She is also a science journalist, as well as a campaigner for LGBT+ and disability rights.

Ndifreke Ekaette works at Connect- the communication disability network.

Nicole Caron works for Talkitt- a communication app hoping to improve the lives of those with speech impairments.

Pano Savvidis is an MSc Marketing graduate working in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years and specializing in content marketing new media strategies for mid-sized and large companies. His passions include travelling, swimming and listening to good music.

Stephen Springer MBE became disabled in June 1991 following a Road Traffic Accident in which he sustained a spinal cord injury. He is now tetraplaegic and requires assistance with all aspects of daily living. Stephan has been injured for 24 years and for 19 of these has been in full time employment. Currently he is employed as Lead Officer for User Involvement at Livability. Stephen was awarded the MBE for his work improving accessibility in the hospitality sector.

Dr. Michael Gillan Peckitt is an academic who lives in Nada-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. He runs the Japan and disability related website ‘The Limping Philosopher’ ( and you can find him on Twitter @Peckitt.

I am always looking for either occasional or regular contributors to my blog.  If you, or anyone you know, has written or wants to write a blog post on a disability related issue, no matter how small, please drop me a line on The chances of your post being accepted or cross-posted, with full links to the original, are very good!

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    my blog discusses about the inner hero and strength that people are normally unaware of. i even blog about celebs who exemplify of how they have believed in themselves and are now one of the strongest people in the world. i my next post due by 18-oct,10 , i will be posting 10 most inspirational music videos (2009-10) and i can barely find some. do you know any?



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