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Raise Carers Allowance To Minimum Wage Level Campaign

The blog post I wrote explaining why I think Carers Allowance should be raised.

Campaign Facebook Page.

Campaign Petition.

Campaign Page on the Scope charity website. (Many thanks to Scope)

Campaign Twitter Feed.

Should Family Carers Be Paid?

Carers Could Lose CA Over 96P

Liberal Democrats Stand Up For Carers Campaign

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  1. March 20, 2014 4:34 pm

    At most you get paid carers allowance only for 1 person but if you have husband and wife mum and dad. Father and child sister and brother to look after why do you only get £59.39 per week 35hours over 7. Days not but 24 / 7 most like we are being discriminated against should take it to european court of human rights

  2. November 3, 2014 4:02 pm

    Because it is an allowance, it isn’t a wage.

    • dyedblonde permalink
      December 11, 2014 5:05 pm

      A very mean allowance.

    • August 21, 2015 9:12 am

      It is considered by HMRC as a wage, and income support is reduced accordingly – the “principle” being that you can “top up” your CA (even though for many their caring role is a 24 hr reality..

  3. December 4, 2014 1:16 pm

    Carers include women who have been early retied in lieu of redundancy under the massive austerity job cuts, on works pension not even 4 per cent income level, and denied state penson payout at 60 since 2013, when looking after elderly parents in 80s.

    Housewives, widows and divorcees and the poorest workers will end up with
    and three quarters of the rest with even less
    than the current lowest level of state pension
    of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    Elderly War Veterans who are disabled even long in receipt of state pension will get re-assessed for disability benefit, and DLA – PIP will be taxed despite being far below the basic tax allowance.

    Added to this is that people turning 80 in 2016 under the flat rate pension will not get the tiny top up to the even tinier basic state pension.

    Modern soldiers are losing chronic sick and disability benefit more and more, as are all disabled on benefit that could be their sole food money, just when retirement age rose.

    Public spending is said to be back to 1930s levels, but the government has not saved a penny under an austerity that has never happened as the national debt has risen from all the costs of benefit admin by the billions of pounds.

    The majority reason over 50s / over 60s below raised retirement age not in work, is due to disability / chronic illness.

    Doctors are saying again and again about the huge rise in malnutrition hospital admissions, so starvation caused by welfare reform (aka abolition of the welfare state).

    Benefit sanctions happen to the disabled and carers alike, with all ages, including someone 60 with health issues equally to a young mother with a new baby.

    The tens of millions of people on lowest 20 per cent income might care to ask The Greens why they are so reluctant to make their new and unique policies more widely known.

    – Replace all the cruel and lost benefits regime with:

    – universal, automatic, Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of the basic tax allowance
    with a supplement for the disabled.

    – Full State Pension to all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, mostly lost due to benefit rule changes and early retirement in lieu of redundancy under the massive austerity job cuts that will reach 1 million by 2018.

    The Greens offer the end of the working poor having to pay 12 per cent of their wagte for National Insurance, just to be left to starve, freeze and not have access to food every day as in Europe to the poor.

    So you might ask you local Green party why they are not aiming their manifesto at the poor that they are the sole party close to power that will save our lives.


  4. Tracey's life permalink
    January 28, 2015 10:21 am

    I have read this article at least 5/6 times and though a few good points for there view on what a carer receives as a wage ( or a monetary gift for doing not much more than nothing if you believe some people who you speak out suggesting most people are doing this for a family member rather than work or for an easy life ! If that is how much most of our society know about what a carers has to deal with on a daily basis I’m not only shocked but I honestly thought the 21st century had taken the stigma and embarrassment we were made to feel regardless of if your physically disabled or mentally disabled and there are many more quite disabilities out there that prove that just because you’re unable to see a disability it doesn’t mean that one isn’t there.
    Just for information and background , I have a diagnosis of rapid cycling Bipolar disorder that I’ve lived with since I was 13 years old , I have ADHD , Anxiety disorder due to growing up knowing I was different with no support at all , I have what they feel is a emotionally unstable personality disorder now due to the lack of understanding I have revived through the past 15 years and that includes family too. But my story goes on I have a wonderful teenage son who has not only ADHD but struggles with Aspergers Syndrome daily too , he has a disability of hypermobility in his ankles and hands which means a lot of pain at times but he never complains , he just worries about me ! For the record My Husband became my Full Time Carer 7 years ago as I was having to go into into hospital due to allergic reactions to medications and I have 3 children that until then I’d looked after as best as I could. my son like me is also classified disabled but heis a 24/7 job so not only does my husband have to look after my needs when I need help ( not because the TVs is to good to leave !) but he has to deal with my son who can be physically violent at times he is 5ft 11 at 13 and has hit me from one side of the room to the other until we could get him out of the room so he had chance to calm down and apologised so much to me , the bruises were a eyeful though!
    my point who ever the previous poster was maybe needs to spend a little less time maybe not looking in books for facts of people they can justify as bums of the state but take an after either spend it in a mental health support centre or a support centre for children with all types of disabilities but who are the best company ever. Maybe some people could learn a little .! My hubby for the record starts his day at 6 and is lucky if he gets in bed exhausted by 11.30 every day and that’s 7 days a week not 5. No weekends off in our house but no complaints here it’s just life . Sorry for sounding like I’m standing on a soap box but I found that post offensive and not only on my husbands behalf .

  5. Tracey's life permalink
    January 28, 2015 10:42 am

    Could I please apologise to the previous poster , I’m so sorry I only saw the first few lines of you post before I had to return to trying to gather the evidence out of thin air so my son can apply for the special school he badly needs to get into but trying to make a case with a reason they should fund as much as this school costs when you have an over intelligent boy who has academically a very high q , a genius but that all the governing panels look at first as educationally Impaired children and A Child within the Autistic Spectrum range as well as some more prominent illness are given priority when funding is looked at!
    children with severe health problems and other needs have their case assessed but lastly social and behavioural problems are last on the form and looked at last as it has until recently not been considered a priority or a serious disability well in my area anyway though recently the education board have changed policy but only because of EHC FORMS , I’ll fight until there’s nothing left of me , I will not let him down he deserves the world x

  6. February 10, 2015 8:43 pm

    There is a way to end all the cruelty and lack of compassion by the state.

    See how on

  7. February 24, 2016 11:02 pm

    The point being carers allowance is treated as income – a very small one at that. I reality the problem is society and its definition of work and income. Soxiety has to get away from viewing only paid labour as being work. Believe me the amount carers do doesnt equate to the tiny amount given and even people on JSA not doing anything get more (not blaming them btw). Carers dont get the recognition deserved and society would have to be taxed higher to cover the costs if it was dont through government. Its both mental and physical and extremely tiring and carers get isolated, its all done for love btw. A actual worker doesnt do the tasks carers do, not as stressed as carers and generally not as tired. It is by all accounts work, work being a task that is needed to be done involving an outcome there is no definition that says it has to be psid or not or what type of payment. All work that needs doing is valuable to society. The problem is in UK society only work done for an employer is valued disreguarding the amazing ‘other work’ done within society without this ‘other work’ society would fall apart!

  8. Elizabeth Mitchell permalink
    February 5, 2018 5:45 pm

    I care for a family member with several problems I start at 5.30am till 2p.m until another family member can take over and I can assure that is the hardest work I have ever done but I don’t get paid the minimum wage I can’t really afford not to be working but I do it out of love and loyalty to my family not for the money but why do I always get punished for being someone with a heart that cares about the lives of other people


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