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Responsible Reform- The #SpartacusReport

In December 2011, a whole group of disabled people got together to produce a report on the Government’s plans to replace Disability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payments. This was dubbed #spartacusreport in a Twitter campaign. The achievement of writing the report was so great, and the campaign such a success, that I decided to list all posts about it in one place on this page.

Hopefully, one day, disabled people will look back on this campaign and smile. 

The press release

Sue Marsh on Radio 5 Live

BBC covers cats instead

Positive coverage from the Daily Mail

Coverage from Ouch!

Coverage from Channel 4 News Online

John McDonnell MP Announces Parliamentary Motion

My Able Life Slot

Mention in A Guardian Liveblog

Sunny Hundal Uses Us As An Example Of Good Campaigning

Kaliya Franklin On Resonance FM

More Guardian Liveblog coverage and an attack by Lord Freud

Spartacus Stories Blog

Margo Milne on Talksport Radio

#SpartacusReport In A Guardian Letter

More Radio 5 Live Coverage

How #SpartacusReport Went Viral

Government Beat Us By 16 Votes On PIP Delay Proposal

What Next For Spartacus?

Jaspal Dhani’s Letter To The Guardian

#SpartacusReport and Francesca Martinez On This Week

We Are Spartacus- The Campaign Website

We Are All Spartacus- Disability Now


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