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Inclusion Rules!

Inclusive education is one of my favourite subjects. (Pun intended!) So I’ve decided to group everything I’ve ever written about it in one place on this page. These are some of my best and favourite posts. I hope you agree that they are in a class of their own. (Yes, another intended pun!)

I hope to turn Inclusion Rules into a debate with some guest posters at some point. Until then, please see this page as the start of big plans for this blog.

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  1. ellena Collins permalink
    February 9, 2010 11:32 pm

    wow im so glad to find this site- im excited.


  2. November 21, 2021 2:53 pm

    Many thanks for an explanation, now I will not commit such error.



  1. The Authorities Are Always Wrong « Same Difference
  2. Banning Multiple Choice Questions In Professional Exams Will Lock The Doors Of Mainstream Employment To Many Forever « Same Difference
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  14. Pupil With Asperger’s Who Was Rejected By Mainstream School Wins Place At Cambridge University « Same Difference
  15. Nadia Clarke Passes Two GCSEs « Same Difference
  16. Council Cancels School Trip Over Disability Discrimination Act Fears « Same Difference
  17. Cancelled School Trip Criticised By EHRC « Same Difference
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  19. David Cameron Strikes Again! « Same Difference
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  26. Jon Bartley On Con-Dem SEN Policy « Same Difference
  27. Primary School In Scotland Gets First Autism Award « Same Difference
  28. Julie McElroy Gains A BSc « Same Difference
  29. BBC – Parent fights ‘segregation’ school in Crystal Palace « Same Difference
  30. Reverse The Bias Towards Segregated Education « Same Difference
  31. Compulsory PE? My Worst Nightmare « Same Difference
  32. Charities Worry About How Benefit Cuts Will Affect Disabled Students « Same Difference
  33. Let Adam Go To School « Same Difference
  34. CP Boy, 11, With A* At Maths GCSE Refused Place At Academy « Same Difference
  35. Will ‘Olympic Legacy’ Spell The End Of Inclusive Education? « Same Difference
  36. Disabled A Level Art Student Paints With Mouth And Achieves A* « Same Difference
  37. Star Trek Schools « Same Difference
  38. The Mainstream School Teaching Everyone Sign Language | Same Difference
  39. Therese Hunt: Student With CP Gains Masters Degree | Same Difference
  40. ATOS- Reviewed By A Former Employee | Hercules space
  41. Charlotte Ormrod, 11, Loses Disability Benefits For Attending Mainstream School | Same Difference

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