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Charlotte Ormrod, 11, Loses Disability Benefits For Attending Mainstream School

March 10, 2018

This makes me sad beyond words.


I was once in the position Charlotte Ormrod is in today. I was a disabled child in two mainstream schools, a college and a University.

My personal experiences made me so passionate about Inclusion that Inclusion has its own page here on Same Difference.

Today, 25 years after my parents and my friends’ parents fought for us to have our intelligence recognised in mainstream classrooms- today, when we thought the worst of our battles were over- the DWP dares to tell a mother that her disabled child isn’t entitled to benefits- because she chooses to use the right we battled so hard to get for ourselves and others after us. The right to a mainstream education for any disabled child who wished to have one.

I am sad beyond words tonight, readers. More than that, though, I am scared beyond words. I am scared that today’s parent carers will be scared to put their disabled children in mainstream schools after reading about Charlotte Ormrod,  in case they, too, lose their benefits as a result.

Parent carers- I urge you, no, I beg you, not to make that mistake. I know the Tories have never been fans of inclusive education, but please, don’t be scared to make the choice that is right for your child, no matter what.

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