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Short Film “Intimacy” Seeking Blind And Deaf Actors

August 30, 2016

How A Pig Changed An Autistic Boy’s Life

August 30, 2016

A mother has told BBC 5 live Daily’s Adrian Chiles how a pet pig transformed their autistic son’s life.

Jo Bailey-Merritt said her son Samuel’s autism was making him increasingly isolated and lonely, until one day the family visited a local farm.

“Working For Maximus, Our Targets Were Severe”

August 30, 2016

The DWP takes a rather sinister stance on disabled claimants. Provision of Research Lab Facilities for DWP.

August 26, 2016

The poor side of life

Being a disabled claimant is hard enough, the whole rigmarole of trying to ensure that you get money to live on, money that you deserve is unbelievably hard. Not happy with the methods that they already use to stigmatise ill and disabled claimants they have decided to go one step further.

At first I read this and couldn’t quite believe it. In essence they have recruited an agency to take part, alongside the DWP in what can only be seen as interrogation tactics, or methods used in police stations when interviewing possible criminals.

A claimant will be told to attend an office for an interview, as we know these interviews aren’t voluntary. If you don’t attend then it gives them the option of punishing you, usually by stopping your only source of income.

From what I have read a claimant will be asked to enter a room which consists of…

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BFI funds accessible workshops for deafblind filmmakers

August 26, 2016

A press release:

Sense, the national deafblind charity, has been awarded £31,000 by the BFI (British Film Institute), to enable deafblind people to take part in a series of accessible filmmaking workshops.

The Accessible Filmmaking Project, delivered in collaboration with Kate Dangerfield from the University of Roehampton, will see ten weekly workshops take place across the country, each focusing on exploration and experimentation of film as a form of communication and expression. The project will provide creative opportunities for people with sensory impairments to experiment with filmmaking techniques, test equipment for accessibility and improve access to low-budget film production and audio-visual media.

A reportage ‘documentary’ will explain the process involved and will follow the journey of workshop participants. Participants will use the new skills developed in the workshops to work alongside as part of the filmmaking crew and advise on media and digital accessibility throughout the process.

Kara Jarrold, Head of Arts & Wellbeing at Sense, said:


“Film is such a powerful medium for expression and is a new area of development for Sense participants with sensory impairments. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to explore new ways of communicating using new technologies and creative skills. We are really excited to experience the end result – a series of short films which will provide new first-hand insights into the experiences of those we work with.  We are grateful to the BFI for recognising the value of this work and enabling us to deliver a series of innovative accessible workshops for people with sensory impairments to engage in the arts. “

DPAC Back Corbyn With 1000 Name Letter

August 26, 2016


Benefit Assessment Failed- For Having A Firm Handshake

August 25, 2016

Another response to this, through Facebook.

When I went down the road of the dwp assesment I was turned down as he said I had a firm hand shake! It’s not my hands ……… It’s my legs!!!!! My body my involuntary movements the pain the dizziness the memory loss what more do they want should I be paralysed from the neck down before I am deemed disabled this just makes me want to cry I can’t bear the thought of having to go through the whole thing again with even more non medical incompitant fools another tribunal is iminant I am sure this discrimination! This is what was ruled against in the rights of disabled people how dare these people who have no idea about what we go through each day even try to assess us we should be assessing their qualifications to do the assessment in the first place !!!!


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