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Why We Need DisAbled Student’s Allowance

April 6, 2010

I’m no longer a student, and when I was at uni, I didn’t need equipment, or notetakers, so I didn’t apply for a Disabled Student’s Allowance.

However, I completely understand that there are many DisAbled university students who do need these and other services in order to get the most out of uni, and they do need the DSA.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a mainstream education, and have always been a passionate supporter of inclusive education for any DisAbled person who wants one.  So I feel very sad when I read about cases like these, which show that the current long delays in processing applications for DSA are causing DisAbled students real problems, and even making some consider giving up studying.

I know from experience how hard DisAbled people have to work just to finish school and college. For me, personally, university was a natural next step. I strongly believe it would be a real shame if intelligent disabled people, many of who have already proved that they really want a good education by working very hard at mainstream schools and passing mainstream exams, get as far as being accepted into their chosen university course, only to have to give it up because of delays in processing applications for an allowance that would allow them to pay for the support they need to study.

For those who are interested in this issue, there is a Facebook group that you can join to express your anger at these unnecessary delays.

This post is part of the Inclusion Rules! debate at Same Difference.

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