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Blue badge parking spaces

June 21, 2007

For what feels like the millionth time in my life, today we noticed someone trying to park in a blue badge space without a blue badge, and, as always, I felt like screaming! The police give you points for speeding and fines for crossing red lights, but they don’t even have a camera in blue badge parking sections to check they’re being used properly! ARGH!!!!!

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  1. December 24, 2009 12:11 pm

    I am more interested in those councils which charge ,subject to a later hour free, severely disabled Higher Rate Motability Blue Badge Car car owners supplied by a grateful state. I have contacted Peter Ashford who says I may write direct to the Minister. Is there anything being considered for councils who cling to the criminal code 1984 Act for off street parking to operate their off street car parks.Distancing themselves from in house appeals which have to ne made once you are summoned to a Magistrate. Understoood the Lincoln Council is being sued for discriminating against severely disabled who have to take longer than average to do their shopping and thus pay through the nose. My North Somerset Council is a council which introduced charging in 2002 and are about to increase the time to 10 pm. every day. Can the Minister please comment as to his powers to stop this a appalling disregard of (for example ) those recent military men who will complete their service with prosthetic limbs praised by the same councillors on Remembrance Sunday as heroes but charged the same day to park near the parade and service unless street parking is used. John Morris..

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