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Jeremy Beadle Had A Disability?

January 31, 2008

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to BBC Ouch, looking for material to blog about, as I usually do once a day, and read that Jeremy Beadle, who sadly died yesterday, had a genetic disability called Poland Syndrome. I’ve never heard of Poland Syndrome, but much more importantly, Jeremy Beadle never let this stop him becoming a TV star. In an old interview, published on Ouch today as a tribute, he said that he didn’t try to hide it on TV. But, I thought, he sure hid it well from the media, because I’m sure the public didn’t know, and it was certainly never in the news! Not during his lifetime, anyway. Now if becoming a star of Saturday night TV isn’t a perfectly wonderful, amazing example of DisAbility, then I don’t know what is. Consider this my small tribute to a truly DisAbled star, readers.   

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