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Abortion, Murder, or Compassion?

March 17, 2008

Hello Readers. You’re lucky to be getting this post, because when I read what I’m about to write, I felt like crying, screaming, or breaking my computer! Luckily for my computer, I chose to scream!

What’s the problem? David Cameron. Or rather his statement that he will agree to keep the law that allows abortions up to 39 weeks if an unborn child is diagnosed with a disability. Yet he has pledged to vote to reduce the abortion limit for healthy babies to 20 weeks from the current 24.

39 weeks. A ‘normal’ human pregnancy is 40 weeks long. By 39 weeks, you have a fully developed person. 

 Is he forgetting that premature babies can easily survive if they’re born at 36 weeks? So, a lot of children who are alive today, both disabled and able bodied, would have been literally murdered if they’d been ‘aborted’ at 39 weeks. Because by 39 weeks of pregnancy, they would have been up to three weeks old! And that was before modern science. Now, babies can survive if they’re born even earlier than 36 weeks. Isn’t that a very scary thought? It’s definitely a thought that makes me shiver.

The law to allow such late abortions of babies with disabilities would have had me screaming anyway. But what makes it even worse is that David Cameron and his wife have a severely disabled five year old son themselves. The Daily Mail article includes a family photo.

So if he wants to agree to kill disabled people, what does that say about his feelings for his own son? If the choice he wants to give to parents had been available to his wife five years ago, would he have kept his own child? What would have happened to his child if the English public wasn’t watching his every move? I could be totally wrong, and for his son’s sake, I really hope I am. But it does make me wonder that the father of a disabled child could say such things against disability to a whole country…

And he’s forgetting that most disabilities can’t be tested for in pregnancy anyway. Some of those that can be tested for can now, thank God, be cured during pregnancy if they’re caught early enough. This is absolutely wonderfully amazing, but unfortunately, it can’t help everyone. So what would happen if a disability wasn’t caught in pregnancy? Would he be so quick to back the murder of a disabled child after birth for the same reasons? I really hope not.

Someone I have just spoken to about this gave me the surprise of my life with her reaction. She is usually the most sensitive member of the mainstream I know, but she agrees with abortion. She says that disabled children don’t choose to be born with their disabilities.

That’s very true- I certainly didn’t. But now that I’m here, I’d much rather have the life I’ve got than no life at all. Luckily for me, I have parents who would not have made the choice, even if it had been available to them.

It is, apparently, a free country. So decide for yourselves, readers. Is the abortion of a disabled person at 39 weeks still abortion, or is it murder, or compassion? Whatever you decide, I have only one thing left to say to David Cameron. There is no way on Earth that he will ever get my vote. 


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  1. August 23, 2008 11:57 am

    As the father of a little boy who suffered profound brain injuries, who sadly passed away four years ago, I find Mr cameron’s views to be nothing short of monstrous.

    There are several important points where Mr Cameron’s argument is fallacious; – they are as follows.

    * This position presumes that people with disabilities are lesser human beings with fewer human rights than the rest of us. Mr Cameron’s view would mean effectively that these ‘lesser human beings’ could simply be ‘put down.’ What kind of ‘master race’ mentality is this?
    * Although I agree that if it can be independently determined that a child is going to spend a life of pain and suffering, ocassionaly, this might be the correct solution, the question is, can we accurately detrmine this? Medical people have a nasty habit of making mistakes, that is how many childhood disability issues are caused, (Shall we terminate doctors who make these errors perhaps?), so are they to be relied upon to make an accurate judgement of a child’s future? I think not.
    * Quality of life is a subjective measure. What might seem to be an unacceptable quality of life to you or me, might have a completely different perspective from the point of view of the person whose life it is! Who is qualified to judge? – Certainly not I!
    * Mr Cameron’s proposal that disabled children could be aborted as late as thirty-nine weeks is simply monstrous and is tantamount to cold blooded murder.

    All life is sacred. All people, no matter what difficulties they face, are valuable human beings. We cannot utilise our own subjective judgements to determine which people are allowed to survive and which people are not.

  2. samedifference1 permalink
    August 23, 2008 5:04 pm

    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I am very, very sorry for your loss.


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