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Big Brother’s Blind Bunny Boy

June 8, 2008

I am thrilled to see that after three days in the Big Brother house, both Michael and Darnell seem to be well and truly DisAbled.

 In today’s highlights show, Darnell was saying that although he has a disability, he doesn’t like or want special treatment. He was having a very ‘normal’ chat with some of the others. Even if there is no such word on this blog. He’s my kind of guy.

Then there was this interesting exchange between Michael and Alexandra after Michael put on Sylvia’s knickers during Mario’s stag do, then used the F word:

Speaking within earshot of Michael, Alexandra told Rebecca about her stance towards his knicker wearing and swearing: “I don’t think that was a mistake or misunderstood… he can be as malicious as any other person. I think to tiptoe around him is something I’m not prepared to do.”

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t the worst stag night. The aim is to please the stag, which we did. Under normal circumstances girls don’t get a look-in,” Michael responded from the sidelines.

“The conclusion is that the guy is disrespectful,” Alexandra told Rebecca, “so I have no respect for him.”

“I’m not asking for respect,” said Michael.

“I don’t give two ***** what you’re asking for,” she snapped back.

And this was after Michael volunteered to dress up as a ‘bunny boy’ for the stag night, when Alexandra herself refused to be a bunny girl!

Now I ask you, why shouldn’t Michael swear? Just because he can’t see? What rubbish.

Michael then asked Alexandra what her name was again. Three guesses who his first nomination will be!

Mario, on the other hand, has been great with Michael. He’s done everything from showing him around on Day 1 to choosing him as best man to going to the Diary Room and defending Michael after the argument with Alexandra, saying that Michael is totally blind… that’s not an excuse, but he couldn’t see what he was picking up, and he didn’t do it out of any malice to anyone. Great.

I’ve also seen Mohammed being very helpful to Michael over the last couple of days.

But watch this space for more from Michael and Alexandra…


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