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A Special Movie

November 21, 2008

Special People is a new British film which released today. So why is it special? Well, it stars DisAbled actors, playing DisAbled characters. It has been described as ‘a milestone in mainstream cinema.’ That it certainly is, but I hope that most DisAbled people will  agree with me that it is about time that we achieved this milestone.

There has been, quite rightly, a lot of criticism of the film’s 12A rating and the warning that comes with it- that it contains ‘Disability Themes.’ Director Justin Edgar, who is hearing impaired, says this is bizarre.  You wouldn’t have the film censors saying ‘black themes’ for a Spike Lee film, he says.

The stars of Special People hope to inspire younger disabled people. It’s not even just to make them want to act,” says Sasha Hardway, 22. “It’s to make them feel better about themselves.”

The stars of Special People truly are special people. I wish all of them, and their movie, a lot of well-deserved success. Unfortunately, it’s not showing at my local cinema.

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