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This Is The May Disability Blog Carnival

May 14, 2009

Hello DisAbled Bloggers! I’m proud to be hosting May’s Disability Blog Carnival, where the theme is DisAbility.

We’ll start with Lisy, who went to a hospital and, after showing off her true DisAbilities, in style, to a doctor who should get a new job, came out feeling Extra Crippy.

BFP shares the moment she finally accepted her DisAbility in disability identified through the “boundedness of pain.”

Kim Nielsen wishes Happy Birthday to  “educational superhero” Anne Sullivan Macy, who allowed Helen Keller to turn her disabilities into DisAbilities, in Happy Birthday, Anne Sullivan Macy.

Feed Me Cheesy shares A Touching Story Of A (truly DisAbled) Bagger With Down’s Syndrome.

Laura, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, talks about how her DisAbility has affected her career goals in When I Grow Up.

School Psychologist Blog Files Discusses IQ tests and learning DisAbilities.

Ettina suggests ‘executive dysfunction’ as a new name for what I like to call DisAbility, in How Can I Try.

Simi Linton discusses DisAbility in the arts in Disability: Almost There.

Terri comments on DisAbled singer Susan Boyle in Another Blogger Commenting on Susan Boyle.

Incurable Hippie discusses the lack of DisAbled access in a pub in Sheffield Fems and Inaccessibility.

Amanda W wants people to suggest an opposite for the word Disabled in What Is The Opposite Of Disabled?

Lexie discusses Guide Dogs, those very special furry friends who allow the blind to be DisAbled, in Down With The Old Guard.

Autistic Bitch From Hell pays tribute to a fellow DisAbled blogger in Our Community Remembers.

On a lighter (and whiter) note, the truly DisAbled Kara celebrates all that was perfectly normal about the day she changed From Miss To Mrs.

Who Says I Can’t? introduces a new DisAbility sport, Crutch Hiking.

Cheryl explains What A Difference A Day Makes.

Ricki’s Mom talks about DisAbility (literally, much to my pleasant surprise!) in American culture.

Cripchick writes to Newsweek.

Virginia Wood has a rather different reaction to the same subject.

Thanks to all who submitted their great posts! Until next month… happy blogging!

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  1. pennylrichardsca permalink
    May 14, 2009 6:05 pm

    Thanks for this! I’ll get it into the system right now.

  2. pennylrichardsca permalink
    May 14, 2009 6:07 pm

    Oh–and the June carnival will be hosted at Reimer Reason. Open theme.

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