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Mother Seeks More Autism Support

September 16, 2009

Children with autism are often excluded from school and fall behind because their behaviour is taken for insubordination, MSPs will be told.

An Aberdeen parent is presenting a petition to Holyrood seeking a review of the education service for children with varying degrees of autism.

Annette Masson claims too few school staff have enough time and training.

The Scottish Government said laws were in place requiring local authorities to support children with autism.

Mrs Masson is presenting the petition to the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday.

She is appealing for autistic children to have more contact with staff trained in the condition, perhaps in specialist centres attached to local schools.

Aberdeen City Council has granted such a place to her 14-year-old son Michael.

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  1. September 20, 2009 2:50 pm

    I totally agree with Annette. As the parent of a Primary 7 child, who had been in a specialist unit until the end of P4, I see that mainstream teachers are not equipped with the tools required to teach my son. Unfortunately our local authority believe that all children should be ‘included’, however this is not what my son needs. On top of that, due to the very low free school dinner uptake, the school have no support teaching staff. Inclusion? Feels more like exclusion to us.


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