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Babies Wanted For Autism Research At Durham University

January 13, 2010

Experts at Durham University are trying to find out how babies see the world and are asking parents to volunteer their children for the research.

The study by psychologists based at the University’s Queen’s Campus in Stockton aims provide a better understanding on how the brain develops.

This should lead to greater insight into conditions such as autism.

Children aged up to two are required and all parents will be present during the “harmless and non-invasive” tests.

Each child will be fitted with a cap with sensors attached so their brain activity can be recorded.

Images will be shown and they will be observed and monitored for their behaviour and brain activity.

Identify problems

They will not be medically tested for autism, which the National Autistic Society describes as a lifelong developmental disability.

Dr Vincent Reid, who is leading the research, said: “We don’t yet know enough about how the brains of very young babies develop and how they react to things.

“It is vital we know more so we can identify problems and developmental delays much earlier which could lead to earlier diagnosis of conditions such as autism.”

He added: “It is important to stress that the procedure is non-invasive, harmless and painless.

“We are not doing any medical testing in this study but purely looking at babies’ brains from an academic point of view.”

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  1. January 13, 2010 4:35 pm

    I cannot help the research at Durham University by offering a two years old baby. But with one of my male grandchildren Ross Backshall on the Isle of Wight , I perceived wben I first visited my eldest daughter shortly after the birth was not as responsive to the normal baby talk and accompanying “eyeball” reactions as my other grandchildren.. I did not mention this perception until later when it became apparent to his parents and two brothers that he was likely to have tendencies to autism. And so it proved. He had learning difficulties and attended a special school. He is now coming up to 30 years of age in May 2010. Since my daughter`s divorce some 10 years ago she has been more or less his parental mentor whilst I have kept a special interest taking him on weekends etc, helping in his money understanding and imperfect mental arithmetic and the 3 R`s. He has a job ( with the half and half arrangement with the Social Services with Sainsbury`s filling shelves and looking after trolleys at which he has become quite proficient . He still attends the local College for additional teaching. I would be grateful for knowlege about progress by Durham on any aspect of Autism. I have advised my daughter of Same Difference and my interest in the severely disabled of which I am one from World War II. She would cooperate with any information about the birth and subsequent events if that would assist the research. I copy this submission to her. Sincerely John Morris.

  2. littlegirlfromlittlerock permalink
    February 21, 2010 2:02 am

    Here’s something to ponder: Amanda Baggs, the woman who many think suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder, really has something even more interesting, which is psychogenic autism, possibly one of her personalities. It is also possible this is a factitious disorder, as she is reported to have ‘studied” other severely autistic cases in order to adopt mannerisms…Very interesting case. You Tube video: “autism epidemic out of control” and “autism spectrum seems out of control” go into this subject a tad…this is definately something on the horizon. A new phenomenon, sparked by the autism explosion and creating mass hyteria and psychogenic factors within unstable minds to adopt such a diagnosis, as they feel this will bring them attention and nurturing they so deeply need, due to often traumatic upbringings (ie…Donna Williams, a most interesting case as well). The trouble is, when these psychogenic autism cases are featured on CNN (as in case of amanda baags) then you have a case of avoidance, where the media that once promoted or featured such a person, is now unwilling to realize or accept that this was all a fraud, or fabrication of such. This is not helpful for neither the patient or the community at large.


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