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Save Sure Start!

March 18, 2010

The Tories are planning to cut Sure Start, the childcare centre scheme started by Labour in 2002, for all except the poorest families.

Sure Start centres have been very useful for DisAbled children and their parents. As Shamik Das points out on Left Foot Forward:

  •  In the centres visited, children with early learning difficulties/and or disabilities were well provided for, with good early interventions and prompt referrals;
  •  Children’s centre teachers, speech and language therapists and day-care staff were successfully improving the quality of day-care provision in the centres visited.

I’m sure all parents of DisAbled children agree that the early years are the most important when it comes to diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Caught early enough, even the most serious of DisAbilities can be significantly improved, and sometimes even cured. The early years are also the time when our parents need more support than ever, as this is when they are trying to learn about and understand their child’s disability, and to come to terms with very natural feelings of sadness, pain, fear and confusion at having a disabled child. And everyone knows that you don’t have to have a low income to have a disabled child.  The Sure Start scheme is helping the families who need help the most, when they need help the most.  

That’s why Same Difference fully supports the Save Our Sure Start! campaign that is being run by the Labour Party. I strongly encourage those of you living in the UK to do the same. Please click here to sign up to the campaign and become a fan of it on Facebook.

And if any of you are parents of young DisAbled children who have used a Sure Start centre, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. The best will be posted on the campaign page. Thank you.

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