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Frankie Boyle Needs To Watch What He’s Saying, Says Charity Worker With Down’s Syndrome

April 12, 2010

I’ve just seen a link to this on Twitter. It was written by Jayne Burnett, who has Down’s Syndrome. I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with the point she makes. I would have said the same if the subject of the ‘jokes’ had been CP and spmeone had asked me.

I’ve been in the paper again this week. I gave a comment to The Herald about some jokes that the comedian Frankie Boyle made about people with Down’s Syndrome.

He was laughing at how we dress, how we wear our hair and everything. There was a woman in the audience who has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome. She was really upset and I can see why.

I a self-advocate with ENABLE Scotland. We’re not in the business of censoring people, but I think Frankie Boyle’s joke has gone too far.

I can take a joke but I cannot see how this particular one is funny.

If I was in the audience, like this mother was, I too would be very upset and I can completely understand how she feels.

I have Down’s syndrome, but I have still achieved a lot in my life, I’m currently studying at college and I have my own online blog too, and jokes like that just put us all down.

I think what I find most offensive is how Frankie Boyle says that everyone with Down’s syndrome is the same, right down to the way we look.

It’s labelling us as all being the same, that is the worst bit about it.

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