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Erin Brockovich Supports Corby Families

April 17, 2010

US legal activist Erin Brockovich has offered support to families who took a council to court over mistakes in cleaning up contaminated land.

Corby Borough Council has reached a settlement with 19 young people who suffered personal injury allegedly caused as a result of the clean-up of the former British steel plant in Corby.

The link above takes you to a short video of Erin Brockovich speaking, which is worth a watch for anyone who is interested in the Corby case.

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  1. April 18, 2010 12:49 pm

    The Times Law Report 15th February 1994 for a judgement of 3rd February 1994 reports the Appeal Court Report on a Defamation action taken by me John Morris (Roland John Morris ) now 90 years of age who lives in sheltered accommodation at 10 Knightstone Place 215 High Street Worle Weston Super Mare North Somerset UK BS226JT.
    The campaign I led amongst others as a flea on the back of the old Woodspring District Council (now North Somerset Council) in regard to the Clevedon North Somerset extensive “phosphorous land” in 1987 is legion in North Somerset. As a major success of several open space sites not all contaminated it brought me into conflict with the law when I preferred against the old Woodspring District Council a determined case of defamation in 1991-1994. As Cllr John Morris of Clevedon I had had asked only for costs in that my exemplary military, Post Office , community service and charitable good name was at stake. Although winning in the Court of Appeal 1994 it took another 10 years (January 2005) to retrieve anything near the costs of pursuing this private action. I received no damages nor compensation the Council`s insurers having been taken over by Zurich Municipal a tough opponent even though costs had been awarded. Someone like the Corby Legal Benefactor at that time would have saved John Morris the the stress and strain of resisting three strike outs from powerful opponents. With St Patrick`s Prayer for persistence to help determination I stayed in the ring. Given an e-mail address I have some of the news clippings from that time for attachments. Would be willing for my copyright which includes
    T .E.N Lawyers` Educational Channel Video of the CA judgement Level I May 1994 to be shared for use in any similar case as s a precedent. I subscribe to Same Difference.

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