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ME Specialist Banned From Prescribing Drugs

April 29, 2010

Dr Sarah Myhill

Dr Myhill has a specialist private practice in Powys

A doctor has been banned from prescribing drugs and told to take down part of her website after appearing before the General Medical Council.

Dr Sarah Myhill will have to comply with the order for 18 months after two complaints were made against her.

She has a private practice near Knighton, Powys, where she specialises in treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

Her supporters were outside the hearing in London and claimed she was the victim of a witch-hunt.

Dr Myhill appeared before the General Medical Council (GMC) for the seventh time, and said before the hearing that she could not understand why complaints against her were being heard.

But the chair of the GMC panel said there serious concerns about the potential risk to patients and her fitness to practice would continued to be reviewed.

One of the complaints was on the content of Dr Myhill’s website, which warned patients against oral contraceptives, the MMR triple vaccine as well as mammogram tests and biopsies for cancer.

But Dr Myhill says she tries to find the causes of a disease, rather than treating the symptoms with drugs.

The GMC considered whether there might be “impairment of Dr Myhill’s fitness to practise which poses a real risk to members of the public or may adversely affect the public interests or Dr Myhill’s own interests”.

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