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Hayley: The 96 Year Old Schoolgirl

June 15, 2010

Did any UK readers watch the first documentary  in the new series of Five’s Extraordinary People? It tells the story of Hayley Okines, 12, one of only 54 known people in the world who have a condition called Progeria. She’s aging 8 times faster than she should be.

What struck me about the programme was the Progeria reunions that Hayley’s been attending since 2000. Only 4 of the children the family met at the first one are still alive. Having recently lost a friend who had my disability myself, I can imagine how painful this must be for them all.

Hayley’s and her mother’s dream is now to hold a Progeria reunion in the UK. They’re fundraising here to make this dream come true.

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  1. no.1Hayleyfan permalink
    June 21, 2010 9:38 pm

    Hey i’d just like to say
    please could you let hayley no
    that i really admire her and think she is an amazing person. she does’nt let anything stop her and gets on with life and lives it to the full. I am 12 myself and i find secondary school kind off hard i found it kind of scary at first because everyone was really big so dont worry every one feels like that.
    I hope you read this hayley


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