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Are You Having A Laugh? TV And Disability

June 21, 2010

Thanks to @katiekatetweets for sending this info. I’ve just found my replacement for the Friday night football match!

A humorous and irreverent look at the way disability has been portrayed on TV over the last 50 years, narrated by David Walliams. From Sandy in Crossroads to Brenda in The Office, we’ll see how the subject has been done well, how it’s been done badly and how box ticking and the odd token wheelchair has helped this process. We look at the astonishing journey from Ironside to Cast Offs, Monty Python to The Office and Little Britain.

With contributions from comics, actors and pundits including Stephen Merchant, Ben Miller, Mat Fraser, Kiruna Stamell, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Ash Attala, Dom Joly, Jimmy Tarbuck, Julie Fernandez and Frencesca Martinez, the programme looks back at the way we used to see disability on our screens and how that compares with what is on there today.

What are you thinking?

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