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How To Climb World Famous Landmarks (And Deal With Challenges)

July 20, 2010

My good friend and fellow blogger Amit Sodha, of The Power Of Choice fame, wrote a post yesterday that I really like. It’s called ‘How To Climb The Lions At Trafalgar Square’.

In it, he shows pictures of himself at various stages of trying to climb these famous landmarks. This, he says, was harder than it looked. He realised that his friend, who was with him, wouldn’t be able to help. Besides, he was determined to find a way to do it himself and, after bruising his knees, (and battering his ego) he finally succeeded. It was, he says, a tough journey, and there were moments he wanted to forget- but, he says ‘Once you’re at the top you can help others up and just sit back and enjoy the great view.’

This, I thought, is just like dealing with the constant challenge that I, and many of my readers, have- life with a DisAbility or a DisAbled child. At first it looks hard, even impossible, and you can’t be bothered. But soon you realise that you’ll have to find a way to do it yourself. Along the way you’ll all bruise your hearts and minds when you realise that certain things will be impossible, and that some people, unfortunately, will not accept you or your child for who you/they are. It will be a very tough journey, and there will be moments that you will all want to forget- but, hopefully, there will come a day when you’ll be sitting at the top of the mountain, watching others have the experiences you left behind, offering valuable advice and telling them how much fun you had along the way.

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  1. July 22, 2010 12:15 am

    Hey Sarah, thanks for linking and sharing with you readers! 🙂 xx

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