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Channel 4 Campaign To Highlight Disabled Athletes’ Abilities

August 9, 2010

Channel 4 is to launch a two-year, multimillion-pound campaign promoting its coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games this weekend with a “bold” trail called “Freaks of Nature”.

The campaign will be Channel 4’s biggest ever, according to the service’s head of marketing, Rufus Radcliffe.

Launching on Sunday, the first promos feature five disabled athletes talking about their extraordinary abilities and how they set them apart from other people.

The first part of the campaign starts with a trail on Channel 4 and concludes with full-page adverts in the national press across the August bank holiday weekend.

One Channel 4 insider said: “Freaks of Nature is designed to make people sit up and think. It is quite challenging in some ways but has been carefully researched and tested and the athletes who take part agreed to it.”

The Channel 4 chief creative officer, Julian Bellamy, added: “The Freaks of Nature marketing trail is part of a bold campaign that portrays Paralympians as Channel 4 feels they should be seen – supremely talented athletes who, like their able bodies sporting counterparts, are set apart from the rest of us by their staggering ability, not their disability.

“And this reflects our ambitions for our coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games themselves – encouraging viewers to focus on the awe-inspiring ability on display throughout.”

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