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Stuart Broad’s Stepmother Took Own Life

September 16, 2010

The wife of former England cricketer Chris Broad took her own life after a 16-month battle with motor-neurone disease, a coroner has ruled.

Michelle Broad, 60, was found by her husband Chris at their home in West Bridgford, Nottingham, on 6 July.

The stepmother of Nottinghamshire and England cricketer Stuart Broad had taken a fatal combination of Diazepam and Tramadol.

The court in Nottingham was told “she did not want to be a burden to others”.

A statement from Mr Broad, read at the inquest, said his wife, known as Miche, had been a very “active” and “outgoing” lady but was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in May 2009.

Deteriorated further

She had steadily declined and had to have a feeding tube fitted in her stomach, coroner Dr Nigel Chapman said.

He said while on holiday in Alaska about eight weeks before her death, Mrs Broad developed pneumonia, deteriorating further.

Dr Chapman said: “Chris found her at home on July 6, 2010, on the bed with a syringe in her hand.

“She was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre where she died in the early hours of the 7th.

“She had written a number of letters to people and e-mails to people and she did not want to become a burden.

“Her main problem was she was losing the ability to talk, her speech was going.”

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