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Virginia Ironside’s Comments On Sunday Morning Live- Scope’s Reaction

October 4, 2010

Virginia Ironside’s comments on BBC programme Sunday Morning Live yesterday have already been covered very well by Emma at Disability Voices, whose thoughts echo mine.

These comments have provoked understandable outrage from disabled people and able bodied people alike. This morning on BBC London 94.9 FM, Vanessa Feltz hosted a discussion on these comments, which included a phone conversation with  Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of Scope. The discussion starts at 1:16.00 and continues after the travel news, so do sit through this if you listen.

All I can say in reaction to this is thank God a million times for my parents, and for all the loving parents of disabled people I know personally, who would never do any such thing in a million years.

I remember being asked to make a speech about abortion in a GCSE RE class. I said something like ‘no one would consider killing a disabled adult, so why should we consider aborting disabled children?’ Forgive me if I can’t remember my exact words now as it was a few too many years ago, but this is still my point of view and it always will be.

Did anyone see the show? I for one am very glad I didn’t. Any thoughts on the show or the radio discussion are, of course, very welcome.

What are you thinking?

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