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Man, 90, Left Without Stairlift After Wife Dies

October 17, 2010

A 90-year-old man claims he is a prisoner in his own home after a council removed a stairlift from the flat block where he lives.

Stanley Kukcyzkajitis said Blackpool Council removed the stairlift after his wife died as it was registered in her name.

“I think it is terrible, I think it is disgusting, I didn’t expect this,” he told the BBC.

Blackpool Council has said it will assess Mr Kukcyzkajitis’ needs.

The Polish-born veteran, who came to the resort to serve with the airforce in World War Two, said he was shocked when workmen started removing the lift shortly after his wife had died.

Blackpool Council said it removed the stairlift at the request of the building’s owners.

The council added that it had no idea that Mr Kukcyzkajitis needed the stairlift.

He has now been referred to an occupational therapist who will assess his needs.

But the council will still have to ask permission from the building’s owners to reinstall the lift.

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