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The Joy Of One Small Footstep

December 9, 2010

There was a time in my life when taking one small footstep was the most painful experience in the world for me. I was lucky, though, because this situation changed when I was about 8. Now I take several footsteps every day without thinking twice.

You may be wondering what has made me take this rather serious walk 🙂 down memory lane. Well, I’ve just read a post over at The Power Of Choice, the blog of my good friend Amit Sodha, that really made me stop and think back over that time in my early childhood.

The post is called The Joy Of Movement, and in it, Amit describes his recovery from a back injury, and the joy he felt at being able to do the simple things without pain again- standing, walking, sneezing… even breathing.

This post has been written to say that unfortunately, we all take the simple things for granted when we’ve had them for too long. Yes, even those of us who have struggled more than others to get them and so, perhaps, should be the last people to do any such thing.

Thank you, Amit, for reminding me of something so simple, yet so very true- movement really is a priceless gift, and every single footstep is a miracle.

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