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Stephen Hawking Voted ‘Britain’s Greatest Bloke’ By Readers Of Nuts Magazine

January 10, 2011

Is it progress that an intelligent, disabled person has won this award? Either way, it’s definitely progress, in my opinion, that Frankie Boyle and Jeremy Clarkson have not won it!

It appears the readers of the lads’ magazine Nuts are not just interested in three things. They’re interested in four – girls, booze, cars and astrophysics. The magazine’s readers have voted as their ‘British Bloke of the Year’ not Jeremy Clarkson, not Chris Moyles, not Frankie Boyle – but Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

The astrophysicist came top of a poll of 12,000 British lads aged 16 to 30 and, according editor Dominic Smith, he was delighted to be chosen. “Thanks, Nuts. I’m pleased to hear that I’m Britain’s favourite ‘Nut’!” he is quoted as saying, possibly with a gun held to his head.

Says Smith: “We asked our readers to vote for the men they thought really set the standard in terms of exemplifying the very best of British. Stephen Hawking is an incredibly worthy winner, and I’m confident it was his work regarding gravitational singularities in the frame work of general relativity that tipped the balance in his favour.”

Others who might be equally surprised to have made the Nuts Top 20 include London mayor Boris Johnson and the BBC’s veteran wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough. But there’s no surprise that all three presenters of Top Gear – Clarkson, May and Hammond – make the list.


1. Stephen Hawking 2. Daniel Craig 3. David Mitchell 4. David Beckham 5. Christian Bale 6. Jeremy Clarkson 7. Frankie Boyle 8. Boris Johnson 9. Sacha Baron Cohen 10. Harry Hill 11. Russell Howard 12. Simon Pegg 13. Sir David Attenborough 14. James May 15. Richard Hammond 16. Chris Kamara 17. Ian Holloway 18. Chris Moyles 19. Clive Owen 20. Lee Evans

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  1. January 10, 2011 11:43 pm

    im a bit of a fan of him when hes on tv but i wodnt read his books they would be long and complicated but i am a fan of steven hawkins keep on im inspired by him being in wellchair not been able to go anywhere and that and he still makes the most of his life

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