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Blind Man Speaks Out After Attack

February 3, 2011

A blind man who was left bleeding after an attack in Lancashire has spoken out about his ordeal.

Steven Wild was walking along Holmes Street, Burnley at about 2330 GMT on 19 January, when two men asked him for money and punched him in the face.

The 43-year-old was left with cuts and bruises and in a state of shock.

He said: “I’m not letting it get me down, because they’ve won then, and my aim is to keep going and that’s what I’m doing.”

He added: “I don’t sit back and think poor me, I just get on with it.”

Mr Wild said his attackers were the “lowest of the low”.

“If they can do that to people, they’ve got nothing in them really,” he said.

Det Sgt Andy Eddleston said: “It is a despicable crime, heaven knows who would commit a crime like this.

“I’ve got to say the community were all pretty disgusted about what happened, he is well-known in the community and people do know him because of his visual impairment.”

He added: “This will have affected Steven. It was a vicious attack, he was alone at night, he was punched about the face and head and suffered injuries as a result.”

Mr Eddleston said he wanted to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time.

“We are particularly interested in two males who we have captured on CCTV. They are young white males dressed in sports clothing. It could be that they are purely witnesses, but if they recognise themselves from the shots I would say please come forward.”

He added: “However if anyone knows these two gentlemen I would appeal for them to give me a ring.”

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  1. Cherry Day permalink
    February 3, 2011 1:24 pm

    If these brainless morons are ever caught, I think they should be forced to wear blindfolds 24/7 for at least a week! They might then get a really good idea of what it’s like to go through life visually impaired. A ‘community service’ sentence (which would be likely) is just too good for people like this.

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