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Katie Price Calls For Sacking Of Channel 4 Boss In Frankie Boyle Row

April 11, 2011

I agree with her about Channel 4 broadcasting the Paralympics. I’ve been saying for ages that with these attitudes to disability, I don’t think they should.

Katie Price has written to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt to demand that Channel 4’s chief executive is sacked for his part in her dispute with Frankie Boyle.

The glamour model turned reality TV star is furious that station boss David Abraham chose to defend the Scottish comedian after he made sick jokes about Jordan’s disabled son, Harvey, during his Tramadol Nights show.

In one part of his routine Boyle said: ‘I have a theory that Katie Price married a cage fighter because she needed someone strong enough to stop Harvey from f****** her.’

Ofcom upheld the 500 complaints it received from viewers about Boyle’s comments, but Channel 4 still refused to apologise for what it termed ‘manifestly satirical’ jokes.

Katie was in no mood to let the matter lie and has now called on Mr Hunt to act.

Extracts from her letter published in the Mail on Sunday show that she asked why people with disabilities were not given more protection in such circumstances.

Katie added: ‘How can Channel 4 be our Paralympic broadcaster when it discriminates against the disabled? Is Mr Abraham’s position not completely untenable?’

News of her contact with the culture secretary came as Mr Abraham published an open letter to Katie, in which he insisted Boyle’s jokes were not intended to be offensive towards Harvey.

He added that Channel 4 executives ‘were satisfied that you and not your son, were the object of the satire’.

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  1. *Stargazer permalink
    April 20, 2011 10:26 pm

    It’s ridiculous for channel four to suggest that Frankie Boyle’s comment wasn’t insulting because it was aimed at Katie and not her son. Whether Harvey was capable of making the distinction, between whether the object of “satire” was his mother or him is neither here nor there – his mother was – and I’m certain it matters not to her who it was aimed at. The fact Frankie thought it would not be the problem here – the fact he publicly voiced it with no fore-thought for her and Harvey with no remorse thereafter is in my opinion what’s at issue! It showed a complete lack of understanding or compassion of what life is really like for people like Katie and her family. What it’s really like is fraught with heartache, worry and difficulty – no matter how much money you have. His comment implied that Katie needed protecting from inapropriate behaviour perpetrated by her son. What Katie needs protecting from is inapropriate, unsolicited, insulting and upsetting comments by “people” like Frankie that imply not just Harvey, but all youngsters in his condition are “fair game” – that it’s acceptable to suggest that all disabled children like Harvey are sexualised and a threat to their families. I think he should take back what he said and make a public apology to Katie, Harvey, the rest of their family and all the people who were offended by his “joke”. Most alternative comedians (so that’s what it means – an alternative to something funny – something not funny) like to push the boundaries – That far was TOO FAR.


  2. *Stargazer permalink
    April 20, 2011 10:30 pm

    Inappropriate – two P’s – sorry!


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