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Katie Price Urges Frankie Boyle To Meet Harvey

June 16, 2011

Katie Price has challenged Frankie Boyle to meet her disabled son Harvey after the controversial comic made a joke about him.

The former glamour model will appear in a one-off documentary later this month about life with her son, who she described as “a wonderful boy”.

She said: “I am so proud of how he deals every day with his disability. He has been my one constant over the past eight years and, alongside Junior and Princess, remains the most important person in my life.

“But of course Harvey doesn’t have the voice to defend himself, so through this documentary I hope to encourage other people to appreciate the difficulties that children with disability and their parents face every day. I am lucky to be able to make this film and hope it helps those who struggle to cope with disability and prejudice without the support network I have.”

Boyle caused controversy when he made a jibe in his Channel 4 series Tramadol Nights about Harvey making sexual advances towards his mother.

A spokesman for Sky Living, which is broadcasting the show, said: “In a bid to explain how the ‘joke’ affected her personally, Katie’s ultimate wish is to speak directly to Frankie, and even encourage him to meet Harvey for himself. Will he agree to a meeting or will he avoid explaining his position? Will he apologise?”

Harvey, who is Price’s son from a relationship with former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke, suffers from autism and life-threatening hormone deficiencies.

Channel 4’s chief executive was attacked by an MP for making the “appalling decision” to broadcast the joke. Asked why he had not apologised for the broadcast, chief executive David Abraham told the House of Commons Culture Media and Sport select committee that the remark caused offence because it was taken “out of context”.

Best-selling author and Conservative MP Louise Mensch repeated the joke to Mr Abraham, telling him: “This is a disabled little boy that we’re talking about.

“I am bewildered that you can sit here and say that it’s challenging political correctness and that you will not apologise to a little boy for having put him on a television programme in this context.”

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  1. Simon Ince permalink
    July 1, 2011 4:45 pm

    I have sent an email of suport to Katie.
    I have sent an email telling boyle I will watch nothing of him on any media.
    I have sent an email to channel 4 telling them I will never tune in to them again.
    Only one voice but join me if you feel strongly about it.

    • *Stargazer permalink
      July 2, 2011 2:24 am

      Fair play to you Simon – can you give me details of how you directly emailed frankie boyle please? Maybe it was via channel four’s website?
      I’d like to know HE would like it, if HE had a disabled son being laid waste to appalling verbal abuse? Would frankie like for his child’s mother to feel; that she and her child were being perceived in that way – by the (largely-ignorant-to-child-disability) general public?
      I’ve made many a comment on various posts, relating to Katie’s progress on this issue.
      I should cut and paste this AND send them ALL – once I get his email address.
      It’s unlikely he’s on SameDifference1’s blog mailing list – he won’t have already read them?

      I find it abhorrent that channel four should regularly screen programmes like Body Shock, that not only give an insight into the world of people who are physically/ mentally different, but provide helplines for support if you’re affected by that issue at the end – and would then sanction frankie’s “satire” before it aired AND not apologise for how offensive/ inappropriate it is!! I’ll be letting them know how I feel via their website!
      Thank you for suggesting it.
      Opinion is one thing – channelling it EFFECTIVELY is quite another!

      Verbal abuse, disability hate-speech, whatever you want to call it is not acceptable and the law should reflect that – I feel channel four and frankie should be prosecuted.

      So Katie made her name as Jordan – taking her clothes off, having boob-jobs and generally marketing herself – it’s neither here nor there.
      Anyone suggesting it made her and Harvey fair-game; that being a glamour model made it acceptable to suggest Harvey would want to have sex with her is ludicrous and damaging.

      She has since diversified her brand as Katie and still enjoys success.
      Fair play that girl I say – she’s made for life – from being media-savvy and working hard.
      She can say to the likes of claire khaw that her disabled child is not an “unnecessary strain on the tax-payer”. With her large disposable income, she pays for Harvey’s care AND pays an amount of tax (in the eyes of a layman) that would justify any help from the state!!

      The way she’s got there may not be moral in some people’s eyes – but we live in a free country – it’s not illegal to do what she’s done. I think people should start to see her as she has ALWAYS been – from the day Harvey was born and since Junior and Princess came along – fighting for her kids and her families’ right to respect.
      I’m a bit of a Peter fan too – what’s gone on between them is their business.
      It’s not my place to judge. I rate them both as parents.
      Peter is the only Dad Harvey has known.
      I’m sure Katie speaks on behalf of Peter in respect of this issue.

      That “joke” mis-represented children in Harvey’s situation – years of work by various people and organisations to dispel those stereotypes, undone in that one comment – by suggesting that children like Harvey are a sexual threat to the world at large.

      Whether or not Harvey is mentally capable of understanding what frankie said – Katie was, Peter was – we were – and so were all the parents and carers of disabled children.
      Harvey’s family is entitled to justice – as are we all.

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