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Disability Horizons Article On Media Representation

June 17, 2011

The third edition of online mag Disability Horizons has launched. It includes this article by me, about disability representation on the TV.

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  1. *Stargazer permalink
    June 17, 2011 3:12 pm

    Hi SameDifference1, I think your article is spot on, especially where you say…….

    “Finally, I’d like to look at the progress that the BBC has made in portraying and representing disabled people in recent years. They recognised the talents of Cerrie Burnell, a beautiful woman who started out as an actress, when they gave her a regular job as a presenter on children’s channel CBeebies in early 2009. The only problem was that she was born without an arm. When some parents complained that she was scaring their toddlers, the BBC gave her a very good amount of support. As far as I know, she still has the presenting job. I’m very pleased about this, because seeing a disabled person regularly on TV will hopefully teach all her viewers that difference is not wrong, but is just a part of life. Toddlers who are taught this from so early in life will hopefully grow up to be accepting and sensitive people”.

    Hear Hear – I believe you’re right – it’s not about getting people de-sensitised to seeing disabled people in the media – it’s about disability being accurately portrayed and from that people with disability being seen for the valid and talented people we are, and accepted – nay, embraced!
    Cerrie IS beautiful – so sweet and English-Rose like – perfect for kiddies tv – and I think I did see her recently flicking through the channels – can’t tell you if it was a repeat though!

    Thanks loads for your article – I don’t think there’ll be many people that disagree with your viewpoint on Peter Mitchell – head of Hollyoaks High no less – he really is a role model for me – I’d very much like to be a teacher someday. He does a fantastic job with the scripts – of mostly ALWAYS being there to catch the kids out in their mischief – very well portraying the fact his feet may not be fast – but them wheels surely are!
    He’s also HOT on discipline which is very positive indeed!
    He’s not a pushover and nor are many of the disabled people you’ll meet in your life.
    Zach’s sister Hayley’s character got pregnant and moved away – was last referred to in the show as getting on very well with motherhood – taking to it like a duck to water – more positive portrayals please!

    Good old Corrie – Cherylee Houston is an inspiration too, hope I spelled her name right!
    The character Izzy Armstrong she plays is great – fiesty and independent – I love her!
    I can’t help but think there’s alot of herself she puts into playing Izzy!

    I have a friend who was born with a deformed hand.
    Whatever his internal feelings were towards it he never let them show.
    I don’t think he views it as a disability.
    He remains to this day, while annoyingly self-depricating yes – a very funny, handsome and talented man – he works for his living, has kids and a rewarding passion for and love of music.
    He’s even in a band, been gigging and recording recently – you never know, one day he might be famous!

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