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Able Life: The Sayce Review

June 29, 2011

Tonight on Able Life, I’m going to be reacting to an interview that Able Radio carried out with Liz Sayce. Chief Executive of RADAR. If you can’t listen in at 8pm, here is a link to what we both said.

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  1. July 12, 2011 7:22 pm

    Well i work in Remploy and have sone for 23 years . I suffer from mental health problems ans other physical disabilities and am proud to say that Remploy catered for me from day one and still do Today . Cant think of many organisations that would have give me the same degree of support and understanding .

    Also interesting to hear Liz syce telling us the views of disabled people and where they want to work . Well i can say with 100 % confidence that no Rempoy worker were asked their views and never have done , so please dont get the impression that these views are consistent and mirrored my people who have worked within the Remply organisation , because i know it,s quite the opposite .

    Another point , if Liz Syce or anyone one else think that this so called sheltered employment is laborious , unskilled or whatever then pheraps they should come and pay a visit to these factories and see the highly skilled work and workworce and the excellent service they provide to many happy customers .

    Neil Prosser

    Porth Remploy

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