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The Grange Day Centre To Close At End Of Month

July 5, 2011

What a shame.

A day care centre in Shropshire for physically disabled adults is due to close at the end of the month.

People attending The Grange Centre in Shrewsbury will instead be given budgets to buy a personalised package of care and support.

Shropshire Council said it wanted to provide people with an opportunity to have “much greater choice”.

Ray Taylor, the father of one centre user, Christopher, said his son could lose most of his friends.

Christopher is looked after by parents aged 79 and 80 and has round-the-clock care, broken only by his twice-weekly visits to the site.

Ray Taylor said: “He’s got to adapt to another situation.

“We wouldn’t get the short-term respite breaks that we have had in the past.”

Stephen Chandler, from Shropshire Council’s adult social care, said it wanted to provide people with an opportunity “to have much greater choice, much greater control over the way that their support is organised and delivered”.

“[This is done] by giving people the individual budget associated with the cost of their support and supporting them in finding ways in their local communities for those needs to be met.”

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  1. *Stargazer permalink
    July 5, 2011 12:35 pm

    Thanks for this post SameDifference1.
    What I’m thinking……………
    Poppycock! How can they say that closing the day centre and giving them the money for care is offering the clients better choice – when they and their families were happy with what they had AND their quality of life? Without what they had, it will be diminished greatly – on account of the stress and expense of now having to find and stick to other arrangements.
    Arrangements that may well end up costing more, owing to travel and increased expenses for unsuitable care in the meantime, until they find something suitable they can afford.

    I was horrified to realise that the established centre being closed will mean alot of disabled adults losing touch with their established peer group! How can they justify imposing this situation on a demographic who, owing to an increasing exclusive society, find little enough joy in their day-to-day lives as it is? Just because the people concerned are disabled adults and not children, it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow or more justifiable by the council.
    I’m so angry about this I could spit!

    Another recent issue of medddling that has made me angry is councils no longer paying housing benefit direct to the landlord – saying it gives claimants “greater financial responsibility”. What utter tosh! What it now means is added stress and hassle of having to administrate said rents for people who are sick and disabled.
    This is going to adversely affect alot of sick and disabled peeople in private rented property.
    Most worryingly, alot of private rented landlords will no longer take housing benefit claimants because of this – cutting off access to suitable properties and leaving us disabled to the mercy of the council to house us.
    Our waiting lists are already too long and now London have cut their rate of housing benefit for people up to age 35, the fight for suitable disabled-adapted property outside of London is now fiercer than ever!

    Claimants with drug and alcohol problems who were getting rent paid direct to landlord (so at least they had a roof over their head while they work out their problems) are going to be some of the hardest hit. What we’re going to see now is more people with these problems becoming homeless, and the subsequent strain on the system to re-house them and their families will detract resources from where they are currently (already inadequately) focussed.

    Things in my eyes are just going from bad to worse.
    When are they going to wake up and see the damage they are doing with all this unsolicited meddling? Why can’t they ask US what’s best and stop making things worse with all this faffing about?

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