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Autistic Girl Loses Voice When Pet Dog Goes Missing

October 11, 2011

An autistic four-year-old girl who only talks to animals has lost her sole point of communication.

Brody Thompson’s pet dog went missing from her family’s front garden in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham.

The family said they do not know if the 15-month-old white Bichon Frise is lost, stolen or being looked after by someone who has found her wandering.

Brody has been looking out of the window and scanning the pavement for her pet since Friday.

Her mother, Jenna Thompson, said: “Brody doesn’t really talk to people, she just talks to the dog.”

The little girl’s family have been looking for Lilly, who is tagged and microchipped, and have been putting up notices asking for help to find her.

Brody’s grandmother, Irene Hewitson, said they had hoped Lilly would help Brody’s communication skills with people.

She said: “If she’s upset or crying she goes to cuddle Lilly. She doesn’t come to us for a cuddle and if she sees something that interests her she’d tell Lilly, she wouldn’t tell us.”

She added: “We don’t want any repercussions. We just want Lilly back for Brody’s sake.”

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