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Sarah Churman

October 26, 2011

American Sarah Churman was born with a rare condition where the hairs in the middle of her ear did not form, leaving her almost completely deaf.

She was given a hearing aid at the age of two but could only hear indistinct sounds, not voices.

In September she underwent a life-changing operation to insert an ear implant. Footage taken afterwards shows her breakdown into tears when she hears the first clear sounds.

Mrs Churman posted the video on YouTube where it has been viewed over eight million times to date.

Writing on her blog, Mrs Churman described how she felt on that day.

“I just started crying, then crying more because I could hear myself crying. Then laughing, then freaking out over my laugh.

“Then the tapping of the keys as the nurse lady did something on the computer, followed by the remote being set down on the counter…….I could hear it!!!”

Of her new-found celebrity, Mrs Churman wrote at the time when she posted the clip on YouTube she had “absolutely no idea anything like this would happen”.

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  1. November 16, 2011 4:44 am

    Reading the stories about you and your life changing procedure, made me cry. How often we take for granted our senses, our world, our life and other life. I am so happy for you. And for those that can’t find joy in life, I hope see your U Tube video. Have a wonderful life of catching up on all the wonderful sounds of life.

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