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Favell House Day Centre Saved From Closure

November 18, 2011

A day care centre for disabled adults in Northampton has been saved from closure.

Favell House on Kettering Road was under threat due to funding problems.

But money has now been offered by Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust to keep the facility running until a charitable trust can be set up.

The centre is used regularly by about 60 people with neurological conditions. Some patients have said the service provided is a lifeline.

‘Positive feedback’

Liz Johnstone, who has been campaigning to keep it open, said: “The staff now know that their jobs are safe and the users know that we’ve got our centre back.”

In a statement, Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust said: “We have agreed to continue to fund and run the service until at least March 2012 while work continues to specify exactly the nature of the service in the future and to identify ways in which it can be funded.

“Feedback from the people who use the service and other stakeholders, including local MP Michael Ellis, has been very positive.”

Funding was initially provided by Northamptonshire County Council, which gave £57,000, but it pulled out and Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust took over.

A charitable trust will be set up to run Favell House’s services now that funding is secure.

Ms Johnstone said: “The hard work begins now. We are desperate to find people who will support us with sponsorship and we need to look to the next five years to make sure we are absolutely secure.”

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