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Adam Spinks

January 24, 2012

A man who was brain damaged at birth in a Bury hospital more than 20 years ago has received a £3.35m settlement payment from the NHS.

Adam Spinks, 24, who has cerebral palsy, was born at Fairfield Hospital in December 1986.

Mr Spinks’ family said he was starved of oxygen due to mistakes at his birth, which led to his disability.

The North West Strategic Health Authority said it wished Mr Spinks and his family “well for the future”.

While the authority has not accepted full liability for Mr Spinks’ condition, it agreed to settle the case by paying compensation at 50% of his claim.

‘Immense relief’

Mr Spinks’ solicitors said that mistakes by his surgeon had delayed his delivery by caesarean section and he had been deprived of oxygen which had contributed to his condition.

Mr Spinks’ mother Jacqueline said: “The past 24 years have been incredibly difficult for the family and we have some tough times ahead, but to know that we have the means to be able to support Adam is an immense relief.

“However, we don’t want any other families to go through the same situation, so we hope that Adam’s case will demonstrate the devastating effects that birth injuries can have and improve levels of care for pregnant women.”

A spokesman for NHS North West said: “The North West Strategic Health Authority is pleased that settlement has been agreed with the parents of Adam Spinks.

“Adam was born in December 1986 and regrettably suffered brain damage.

“Legal proceedings were commenced in 2007 and following detailed investigations, a compromise in respect of liability was reached in 2009.

“The parties then worked together to reach a financial settlement, which has now been approved by the court.”

Sally Leonards, of Manchester-based JMW Solicitors who represented Mr Spinks, said: “No amount of money will ever substitute for the ability to lead a full and normal life.

“However making Mr Spinks’ life as comfortable as possible must be the priority now and this money will enable his family to do that.”

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