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‘Normal People’ Support Government Cuts, Says IDS

January 25, 2012

This statement was revealed to the public on Monday. I’ve been looking for the exact quote and a link to it ever since. So my thanks go out to reader Patricia Smith who has just given me the link on Facebook. I must also, of course, thank the lovely people at Ekklesia who originally posted the quote below on Monday.

Iain Duncan Smith, the welfare reform minister, who has in the past been held up as a standard-bearer for ‘compassionate Conservatism’ has angered critics by claiming that ‘normal’ people support the government’s cuts and changes.

As for IDS, all I have to say to him is: “Sir, what is a normal person, anyway?” If “normal people” support cuts, then in my opinion, no one supports cuts, because in my opionion, there is no such thing as a normal person.

Dear readers, I recall the words of a very good Psychology teacher who once taught me. Whenever she explained a concept that could not be seen, she used to smile and tell us to let her know if we met it walking down the street.

So, if you ever happen to meet a “normal” person on your travels, readers, please do let me know- I’d love to meet one too!

Meanwhile- no one supports your cuts, Mr Prime Minister. A member of your Cabinet has said it himself…


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