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Winterbourne View: Four More Admit Charges

March 18, 2012

Four more people have pleaded guilty to ill treating residents at a private hospital near Bristol.

The case follows secret filming by BBC’s Panorama at the Castlebeck-owned Winterbourne View Hospital.

Graham Doyle, of Patchway, admitted seven charges, Danny Brake and Jason Gardiner, both of Bristol, admitted two and Sookalingum Appoo of Bristol admitted three charges.

The programme showed them physically and verbally abusing patients.

Charges were brought against the four under the Mental Capacity Act.

Doyle had two pleas of not guilty to ill treatment of a patient accepted by the Crown alongside his seven guilty pleas.

Appoo’s charges related to wilfully neglecting a patient.

All of the offences took place between February and March 2011.

Judge Neil Ford QC, at Bristol Crown Court, adjourned proceedings against the four pending the preparation of reports.

There will also be another hearing after Easter for the remaining four defendants.

Three others – Wayne Rogers, 31, and Allison Dove, 24, both of Kingswood, and Holly Draper, 23, of Mangotsfield – pleaded guilty to charges in February.

Twenty-four patients were transferred from Winterbourne View near Hambrook following the BBC investigation and the home was closed last June.

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