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Disabled Woman Told To Cut Her Hair To Save Carers Time

March 23, 2012



Shocking. Probably about as shocking as the idea that a disabled person has a personality is to the idiot who made the suggestion.

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  1. *Stargazer permalink
    March 23, 2012 4:24 pm

    Oh My GOD!
    My dear sweet Lord in his heaven, I cannot believe what I’ve just read!
    I will hope I’m forgiven my blasphemy…..

    So let me get this straight, the lady in question – who is chronically ill & disabled, in need of a lot of support to live day-to-day, to be clean, dressed and eat well – has been advised to cut her lovely, blonde, not very long or thick hair, in her very feminine-styled hairdo – TO SAVE HER CARER TIME!?

    Cut to what exactly? A bob? I don’t think it would suit her – neither probably does Mary!
    Number 2 all over – or a skinhead?! Jesus wept and he’s crying now – why don’t all us disabled people who need help, to save the entire system/ establishment time & money, forget cutting our hair, just commit mass suicide and be done with it?
    Well, the reason we don’t is because we all WANT to LIVE; clean, fed, medicated and dressed in clean clothes, looking and feeling the best we possibly can – it’s vital for self-esteem! Low morale – depression/ anxiety – is commonplace in people who are long term sick and disabled, making it very difficult at times to want to continue living.

    Some (totally crazy and never been seriously ill or disabled) people seem to think that, if you are not able-bodied you don’t want or need to look and feel good! I can speak for myself certainly when I say, the more disabled I have become over the years, with my inherited degenerative syndrome, that took me 5 years of making myself more ill, fighting and being ignored to get diagnosed, (because they wouldn’t believe I’d already been diagnosed 10 years ago with hypermobility, apparently it wasn’t in my notes, they’re blaming clerical error for negligence) as time has marched on, leaving me less able to care for myself, it’s ever MORE IMPORTANT for me to look and feel as attractive as I can.

    I’m still fighting to get proper support from social services, this has been going on for 2 years, even with input from my MP. My social worker dropped me after 3 months, 2 years ago, did nothing for me since I was reallocated to her (following my EDS III diagnosis) in the last 5 months, no OT assessment or personal care arranged, she said she would help with forms, she’s not returned any of my calls and only rang me 4 weeks ago – once I’d made a complaint about her! I am still waiting to be reallocated, I can’t trust her to help me – meanwhile I sit dirty, in dirty clothes, living on ready meals and snacks. My hair, from 1999 up until 2009 was down to my lower back. I made the sad decision to have it cut to my shoulder blades after my 3rd gynae operation. I don’t like it, it doesn’t look nice because I can’t wash it, so it gets scragged back into a greasy ponytail all the time. Never mind the flight of stairs I take my life in my hands on, to get in and out of my first floor flat – leaving me unable to use a powered chair that I so desperately need, as this accommodation is not and for the last 4 years hasn’t been suitable for my disability!

    What’s next – advising us to have our sweat glands, navels and genitalia removed, so we don’t need to wash?!!! Where is this flagrant disregard for the basic human rights of ALL DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE going to end?

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