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The Challenge Of Inspecting Home Care

April 25, 2012

Reading this, I’m more than a little worried. I realise that inspecting care provided to disabled or elderly people in their own home is a challenge. That’s not my worry.

My worry is that if inspecting home care is a challenge, and care workers in care homes don’t always treat their clients with the deserved respect, what are elderly and disabled people to do?

We can’t live with family forever- this puts a strain on the carers’ lives and may end up straining family relationships. Yet, if we see or hear of more Winterbourne Views or Ash Courts, we will be left scared to put our loved ones in care homes, or scared at the thought of needing to be put into care homes.

If we live independently, and have carers coming in, then the points raised in the article are all very true.

So what should we do? Move to Australia while health allows? Or simply go to a certain clinic in Switzerland for the rest of time?

This is almost enough to make me think that maybe the UK’s law on assisted suicide should change after all…

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