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Armed Force To Kart Force

July 11, 2012

A press release:

From the battlefield to the Guinness book of world records: a team of wounded soldiers are proving that you don’t need all your limbs to race as they attempt to set a new world record for driving the furthest distance in 24 hours in a kart with hand controls.



The team of British soldiers during service in Iraq and Afghanistan have been shot at, bombed and suffered burns and lost arms, legs and eyes, but there is no stopping them. Despite their injuries they live life to the full by competing in motorsport and are aiming for a new world record.


This is about overcoming grief and always finding the positive in life. The hand controls are designed by team leader Dave Player, himself former royal engineer who has been in a wheelchair following a spinal chord injury. They allow people of any disability to drive karts and compete with able bodied drivers.


The team of drivers are:


Trooper Steve Shine, who was hit by a roadside bomb while driving a tank in Iraq, which caused him to lose one of his legs and badly injure the other. Undeterred, Trooper Shine returned to duty and has since completed another tour of duty in Afghanistan


Lance Corporal Martyn Compton served with the Household Cavalry. An RPG attack set his vehicle ablaze whilst on patrol in Afghanistan, leaving Martyn with 70% burns. Having survived the fire, he was then shot twice whilst being rescued. He has overcome all fears that he would never walk again and will carry the Olympic torch later this year.


Sapper Ashley Hall was serving with the Royal Engineers when he was blown up by a roadside bomb, losing both his legs in the explosion. On arriving home he was sent to a military hospital in Birmingham where he turned down the opportunity to meet Prince Charles claiming not to deserve the honour.


Private Mark Allen of the Royal Anglian Regiment was on foot patrol in Afghanistan when an IED caused the loss of his legs and injuries to his fingers. Like the other drivers, he’s determined to prove that anything is possible and has also been scuba diving and skiing as part of his rehabilitation.


A crowd funding campaign will help to finance the feature that documents the inspirational story of the group and provides filmed proof for the Guinness book. The plan is to create a 1 hour documentary to be screened on national television. Making this record attempt is an enormous personal achievement for the drivers but their story will also inspire all of us. Help bring this moving story to the world by contributing.

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