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Injured Troops To Be Exempt From PIP Assessments

July 18, 2012

This is good news, and a small piece of progress.

Severely injured soldiers are to be exempted from tough new disability tests as David Cameron moves to ensure that controversial welfare reforms do not apply to the military.

Downing St has persuaded the Ministry of Defence to ensure only the results of existing military tests – covering the most badly wounded troops – will be needed for assessments for the new disability benefits.

Seriously injured troops will also be given a guaranteed disability payment worth around £131 a week under the reforms.

Senior military figures have been protesting that injured personnel would have to take two tests when the personal independence payment (PIP) replaces the disability living allowance (DLA) in April.

The MoD had indicated it would expect all injured troops to undergo the new tests covering PIP claimants in addition to the military tests for the armed forces compensation award.

Officials had feared the MoD would be liable for administering the payouts.

In Camp Bastion, Cameron said: “The reform of DLA will go ahead with a special carve-out for the military so they get a really good deal.”

The Sun was briefed on the change in May. It means troops with serious mental illness, those who have lost both legs or arms, and those with total deafness or blindness, will have to take the military medical test.

A Downing St source said: “The prime minister was very clear when Help for Heroes raised this issue that he wanted to find a solution. He felt it was important to stand by commitments by the military covenant.”

The government will also disregard any payments made to injured veterans when they are being considered for the universal credit benefit, being introduced from April. Income from war pensions will also be disregarded.

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  1. Rogr permalink
    July 20, 2012 5:50 am

    In some ways this is good, in others just a sign of Dave pandering to the gutter press. What is the essential difference between the MOD doctors results and those of the GPs and Specialists who have examined and assessed the rest of us? If one group can avoid the harsh, unjust and demeaning tests carried out by untrained people at Atos then why should the others (us) be forced to go through them? The only difference I can see is that the Mail and Sun have campaigned for the soldiers while labelling the rest of us as worthless, parasitical scum. It is now obvious who Dave listens to as he plans to take benefits from one in five of us.

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