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Wheelchair User Designs New ‘Sexy’ Wheelchair

July 18, 2012

A sexy wheelchair? Whatever next!

A disabled designer frustrated by what he saw as limitations with his standard wheelchair was challenged by his wife to create a new “super sexy” version.

Andrew Slorance was paralysed by a spinal injury suffered in a fall from a tree when he was 14.

With his wife Mary, he runs I-Imagine Design in Nairn, in the Highlands.

A BBC Two Scotland documentary, My Perfect Wheelchair, follows the couple’s efforts to create and promote their Carbon Black chair.

In the programme, Mr Slorance, 42, describes the problems he has had with wheelchairs and what he believes to be their lack of appeal.

He said: “I wanted to do something really different, something that was going to make a difference to other people and a difference to me in my own life.”

His wife challenged him to make a chair that was “super sexy looking”.

The documentary follows the couple’s journey in trying to achieving that aim – of coming up with a radically different looking aid for wheelchair users.

The programme sees them encounter manufacturing difficulties, and also BBC Dragons’ Den panelists Deborah Meaden and Richard Farleigh.

A prototype is also damaged just hours before its first public unveiling.

Last year, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) said badly injured armed forces personnel could be among the users of Carbon Black.

The public agency gave the Slorances £49,700 towards its development.

The design includes LED lights fitted into the frame to resolve a problem of manoeuvring in darkness, a difficulty Mr Slorance has encountered in the past.

My Perfect Wheelchair will be broadcast on BBC Two Scotland on Thursday at 21:00 and for a week afterwards on the iPlayer

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